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Self-Care is Crisis Care Linley Daly ICF New Mexico

Self-Care is Crisis Care

Here’s the thing … I’ve started writing this piece three million times to no avail. I kicked myself. I meditated. I ate chocolate. I watched the news and checked the social. I cursed myself. I hugged myself. I invoked self-compassion (my word for the year). Aaaaannnnnd, nothing.

This year began with hope: new clients and new experiences, more kindness, COVID vaccine, and an end to the “uncivil war.” Then there was the Capital insurrection inflamed by government “leaders,” more people died of COVID, the vaccine was slow to release, fear of more riots. Turns out, the launch of 2021 was all of 2020 PLUS an insurgency, a run-off election and an impeachment. Don’t even get me started on the utterly blatant, inequivalent police response to white mob violence versus Black Lives Matter peaceful protests. I have been overwhelmed with rage, disbelief, disgust, fear, sadness, grief, confusion, and hopelessness. My head is full of images. My heart is full of pain, my own and so many fellow Americans.

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