Elle McPherson, ACC, MBA/MA, RYT-200

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Beyond the Itinerary
Santa Fe / Global
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Elle McPherson, ICF-ACC professional coach, Certified Erotic Blueprint Coachâ„¢ and Accelerated Evolution Trainer-in-Training offers professional coaching for individuals and couples seeking more meaning, turn-on, and joy in their lives. She has a background in nonprofit management and international development, and as traveled extensively for work, play, and as a location independent nomad.
Business Description

Elle McPherson is fascinated by exploring the outward and inner journey of life, ultimately helping her clients to find what they are seeking inside. She holds a MBA/MA from a previous career in international nonprofit management, and is now a ICF-ACC professional coach, Certified Erotic Blueprint Coachâ„¢ and Accelerated Evolution Trainer-in-Training.

I'm part provocateur, inciting my clients to dream bigger and take action & part safe, grounded, empathetic space, allowing you to feel the feels and release the blocks, shame, anxiety, and fear holding you back. I incorporate breathing, embodiment, and powerful visualization processes to guide clients out of their minds and into their bodies to dissolve anxiety, fear, shame and act from a place of higher knowing.

My coaching practice focuses on three key areas:

* Intimacy & Relationships: I used the Erotic Blueprints (like the 5 love languages of sex) as a framework to guide singles and couples into exploring their authentic sexuality for more turn-on, embodied confidence, pleasure, and self-awareness. Also, couples who desire to deepen their communication and intimacy. LGBTQIA+ friendly.
* Transformation: I support people seeking more meaning and purpose in their lives. Often I am providing permission and guidance to people transitioning to their dream career or lifestyle, or recovering from a cosmic 2x4 (like a breakup, job loss, or death) that has caused them to seek a more intentional, conscious and spiritual life.
* Nonprofit/Impact Leaders: I hold a special place in my heart for overworked and under-resourced impact professionals (I was one!) and I reserve a couple spots in my schedule at a discounted rate for these folks.

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