April 19th Meeting:
“Coaching and The Core Quality Quadrant®”

April 19, 2017 @ 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM
Virtual Program

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What defines an individual? What makes them unique? Core qualities are a large part of the answer, and the Core Quality Quadrant Model helps to better understand them. Core qualities are attributes that form part of a person’s essence. Without their underlying core qualities, an individual would be unrecognizable. The strength of every core quality also has a pitfall. When a person’s core quality is expressed excessively, it becomes too much of a good thing, and the quality thus becomes a weakness.

Coaching and Core Quality Quadrant

The Core Quality Quadrant Model is a coaching tool used to help clients navigate their strengths, pitfalls and challenges to best fulfill their needs in work and life. This easy to understand model allows you work with your coaching clients to raise their awareness about their triggers and how to evolve their core qualities to be more effective and balanced. Kathrin will explain the model in detail and how to best use it in one-on-one and group settings. This interactive session is enriched with practical exercises.


Kathrin M. Wyss (ACC) is Swiss by nationality and has worked more than 10 years as an executive coach and change agent. Since 2015 she has worked with an affiliate in Santa Fe, NM. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Kathrin held several leadership positions in the health care industry and the Swiss government. She holds a master’s degree in pharmaceutical science and marketing. Kathrin is a certified coach in Solution Focused Coaching, Wingwave Coaching and SCOAP Coaching. She is also designated a “Fellow Member Trainer IANLP” and well trained in alternative healing practices such as shamanism. Kathrin is a highly-skilled, holistic person who knows how to break down gained insights into daily tasks to manifest sustainable success.

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