Business Building Accountability Group

ICF New Mexico is launching Business Building Accountability Groups to support coaches in growing their coaching practices. During these monthly meetings, participants will briefly update the group on progress against their goals, discuss ways of building their businesses, and at times conduct exercises to strengthen skills in an aspect of business building.

During this orientation session, you’ll experience how these meetings will be run, learn the expectations of group members, and select the accountability group you’ll join. After registering, you’ll receive the group guidelines and a template for tracking progress against your goals. Please come to the meeting with at least one business building goal and consider how you will track it.

Facilitator: Lisa Brewer

Date: January 6, 2020
Time: 4:30 – 6:00pm
Location: Virtual Program
Cost: Free for members/$10 for non-members
CCEUs: 1.0 in Resource Development

Lisa Brewer, CPCC, Certified NLP Practioner, MBA, is a Leadership, Life and Zero Pain Now coach. Clients hire Lisa to accelerate their progress, develop new skills, behaviors and mindsets, and unleash their passion, joy and creativity. Clients come with a wide range of goals: improving social media presence, writing a book, launching a new program within their organization, broadening their skills after a promotion, establishing strong health habits, quitting smoking, eliminating chronic pain, building self-confidence, and/or gaining fresh perspective on challenging emotional events. Lisa’s worked for Fortune 500 companies, led non-profits, led the creation of education programs and is the incoming President for ICF New Mexico.