The Coherent Coach: What Are We Feeding the Field?

January 24, 2024
Time: 11:30am – 1:00pm (New Mexico & Arizona / Mountain Time)
Location: Virtual meeting via Zoom
Speaker: Dr. Kathy Norwood, MCC

Cost: $10 ICFNM Members & Associates / $25 Non-Members

CCEUs:  1.0 in Core Competency and 0.5 in Resource Development


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The pandemic and the emerging awareness of broken educational systems has left educators exhausted and ready to quit. Many educators have moved on. Dr. Norwood discusses their latest research on how heart coherent coaches could offer hope to educators in need of a regenerative, resilient, and nourishing ecosystem. This information is applicable to any profession or client base.

Coherence is an efficient state of being, generating alignment between our mind, body, emotions, and spirit through the power of the heart. This electromagnetic field, generated by the heart, is detectable by other individuals and can produce measurable effects on others. Practicing heart coherence techniques yields significant and sustainable improvements in health and wellness. These improvements include significant reductions in stress, depression, anxiety, anger, fatigue, and burnout to name a few. There is an increase in caring, contentment, gratitude, peacefulness, resilience, vitality, and emotional buoyancy.

Join Dr. Norwood to learn about the power of heart coherent coaching and how it may represent another evolutionary step in the application of evidence-based approaches to coaching.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover how depleting and renewing emotions are shown to have different physiological effects which directly affect brain function and impact on our decision-making, communication, and stress levels.
  • Understand how the biological communication between the heart, the brain, and the rest of the body energetically feeds the field.
  • Appreciate the power of the heart as you learn to access heart intelligence within yourself and your client.
  • Practice two heart coherent intelligence techniques (Quick Coherence and Freeze Frame) to help you recharge your emotional system and access your inner wisdom.
  • Discover statistically significant outcomes with Drs. Norwood and Burke’s research on educators’ health and well-being.

Key Points

  1. Personal heart coherence is not only attainable as a coach, but we have the capacity to create a new baseline within our brain to operate more consistently in this state of Beingness.
  2. Heart coherence techniques yield significant and sustainable improvements in health and wellness.
  3. The coherent coach embodies the coaching heart/mindset and can impact the field and those they coach in transformational ways.
  4. Coherent coaches can activate the heart of teams.
  5. Personal heart coherence is foundational in achieving higher levels of mindfulness, presence, authenticity, and the building of rapport.

About Kathy Norwood Ed. D, MCC
Dr. Norwood is co-owner of Coaches Evolve and director and creator of the International Academy of Professional Coaching (ICF Accreditation-Level 2). She is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Change. Kathy is a Pre-K-12 national educational consultant, trainer, coach, and author, working in the field of Education for 38 years. She also teaches in the Evidence-Based Coaching Program for Fielding Graduate University and the Leadership Coaching Cohort (LCC)/Organizational Dynamics at University of Pennsylvania. The HeartMath® Institute has licensed Dr. Norwood as a HeartMath® Certified Trainer. Kathy has the gift of inspiring passion and deep commitment to the power of transformational coaching. Her joy and compassion ignite hope and new purpose in hearts and souls, as she invites folks to refresh, revitalize, and reimagine their calling.


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