Strategies for Building Your Coaching Business

November 18, 2019 @ 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM


Description of Program:
Are you ready to take your coaching business to the next level? New Mexico coaches with thriving businesses that include coaching will share strategies, experiments, and other tactics that work for them. This program is for established coaches and those just starting out. Bring your questions for the in-depth Q&A portion of the meeting!

Speakers: Sara Douglas, Croft Edwards and Ildiko Oravecz

Date: November 18, 2019
Time: 4:30 – 6:00pm
Location: Virtual meeting via Zoom
Cost: $15 Members / $20 Non-Members
CCEUs: 1 in Resource Development

Sara Douglas built several successful businesses and believes there’s no magic formula. She had to get out there, meet people, try stuff, see what sticks, abandon what doesn’t, experiment with multiple “niches”, take advantage of unexpected opportunities, and manage anxiety and fear of rejection.  Despite this, she’s quite positive and will share strategies and tactics she found most beneficial.

Two dirty words: Social Media! However you feel about Social Media, it is an integral part of marketing and your business plan. Croft Edwards will share his insights as someone who has done a deep dive into Social Media, using it to refine his message and methodology. In the process he gained thousands of followers and some business successes and even some failures…

You get certified as a coach, and then BOOM you’re supposed to become a marketing expert! And if marketing is new to you, there are plenty of folks out there that would happily take your money for their “expertise.” Through a lot of trial and error, Ildikó Oravecz (Ildi), discovered some key activities to focus on to slowly and steadily build your business. She will share these and also provide some tips and tools for getting a marketing strategy in place.


Sara Douglas PCC, MBA is a coach and consultant delivering coaching and leadership programs to organizations. To her clients, she offers a unique blend of coaching expertise and real-world experience, which emanates from her own leadership background of co-founding a commercial finance company, building businesses for HP and Kohler, working in the Netherlands as a management consultant, and earning her MBA at Stanford. Drawing on all of the above, she provides clients with practical tools and approaches together with state-of-the-art leadership development practices.

Croft Edwards

Croft Edwards is a Master Certified Coach, Social Media Influencer, President of CROFT + Company, and the genesis behind LeadershipFlow, the study of how to help individuals and organizations be at their best. He has been helping leaders and their teams find their Flow since 2001 in a variety of fields: mining, refining, government agencies, sovereign nations, manufacturing, start-ups, small businesses, and healthcare. Two miles down in a mine or up on the 8th floor, Croft coaches wherever there are leaders who desire a different result.

Living under a name that translates to “fierce warrior” in Hungarian can send many messages to a young girl transitioning from a host of divergent cultures throughout her life. For Ildi, it meant that success best happens when it is not built alone. Through a fierce and colorful past that began in South Africa, followed by part of her life in Hungary and then tiny Socorro, New Mexico, Ildi’s greatest philosophies were to listen to your gut, build a culture you believe in, and maintain a posture that promotes further enrichment. She now translates those life lessons into the work she does with her clients, getting feedback like, “Ildikó’s coaching style is very collaborative and supportive, as well as solution-focused, results-oriented, and strategically directed.”