New Mexico Department of Taxation and Revenue Update

On June 23, 2021, Deputy Secretary Emily Oster and Tax Policy Director Mark Chaiken of the Taxation & Revenue Department discussed the new destination sourcing method for reporting gross receipts taxes (GRT) and the redesign of the Combined Reporting System (CRS). You can listen to that recording on the New Mexico Economic Development’s YouTube Channel. You can access the slides here.

New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax

Meet Our Members and Q&A

  • Meet Karen Boise, Lisa Brewer, Tonya Bryant, Shelley Lanier, Lisa McGee, Doug Mills, Darla Powel, Marian Royal and Grace Solis
  • Explanations of the difference between Members and Associates with ICF New Mexico
  • Where we met in person prior to COVID19

Credentials and Renewals

  • How will the new Core Competencies effect earning
    a credential?
  • What is the process for applying for a credential?
  • The number of CEUs needed to renew is changing.
  • What’s needed and how does it need to be documented?
  • Credentialing Updates

Sources of CCEs

  • Where to get CEUs in Core Competencies and Resource Development.
  • Now that the Core Competencies are updated, will any
    CEU certificates become invalid if they were obtained
    prior to the implementation of the new standards.