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The 9 Essential Qualities of a Trauma Informed Coach

“I get that trauma informed coaching is better coaching in general, especially for people of color,” he said. “But I don’t get how trauma informed coaching is different. Just sounds like good solid coaching to me!”

He had a point. And as a coach and person of color himself, he would know.

My colleague understood that trauma informed coaching is better coaching – for everyone, but especially members of marginalized groups. He got that “trauma” isn’t just one horrible event in the past. While for some people it can be “too much, too fast,” or “too much, too soon,” it can also be “too much for too long” or “not enough for too long*.”” The body, not the brain, is where trauma lives. And the body doesn’t distinguish between acute (singular, intense) trauma and ongoing chronic stress – like too much, or not enough, for too long.

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