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Welcome to ICF New Mexico, where vibrant community and professional excellence converge. As a collective of skilled coaches spanning various specializations across the land of enchantment, we embody the spirit of growth, collaboration, and innovation. As a charter chapter closely aligned with the esteemed International Coaching Federation (ICF), we uphold the highest standards of professional excellence.

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What’s New?

Get insights directly from our President, Deb Thompson, as she shares important updates, visions, and messages with our community. Stay informed about our direction, goals, and initiatives straight from the leadership. Explore the latest message to understand our commitment and dedication towards our mission.

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Message from Our President, Deb Thompson:

Dear Chapter Members, Affiliates and Friends,

There’s an old saying that March comes in like a lion, out like a lamb, referencing the transformation that occurs this month from treacherous winter storms to the serene beauty and renewal of early spring.

Like the lion, ICF New Mexico is roaring into March with a full calendar of opportunities, offered in partnership with ICF Arizona, ICF Nevada, and others in the western region. I hope you’ll take a look at our schedule and engage with at least one experience that piques your interest.

Our Strategic Priorities:

In February, our leadership board convened for a full day of strategic planning. We challenged ourselves to have a no-limits conversation by asking the question – If we remove all barriers, what is the impact Coaching can have in New Mexico over the next ten years? While there are many roads we could take long-term, here are a few priorities we’re focused on this year:

  • Building Community:We are committed to ICF New Mexico being a welcoming community for coaches (and the coach-curious) to connect in person and virtually throughout the state, while also engaging with the broader New Mexico ecosystem through strategic partnerships and social impact endeavors.
  • Professional Development: We are laser focused on creating programming that supports coach skill development and professional growth. Expect fresh learning approaches, small group cohorts and study groups, and emphasis on credentialing support and business-building. By partnering with ICF Arizona, ICF New Mexico and other chapters in the western region, we’ll be able to bring you more diverse programming.
  • Amplify our Message: We are doubling down on overall marketing and social media efforts in order to reach a wider audience for our programs, and to. bring more exposure for our New Mexico coaches. This spring, we are launching a new website that will present a more dynamic image for ICF New Mexico. We also invite you to follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook to stay connected with our community.
  • Create a Sustainable Business Model: Last year we questioned our ability to continue due to a lack of leadership succession. While we were able to recruit a leadership board, sustainability and relevancy must remain at the forefront of our priorities. This means growing our membership base, engaging volunteers, diversifying revenue streams, and making critical infrastructure investments on the back-end. This will be a year of investment for our chapter with the intention of building a solid foundation for the future.

This is just a glimpse of what lies ahead. Stay tuned for updates through our monthly newsletters, weekly events emails, and social media posts. And if any of these opportunities inspire you to get involved, please reach out.  We need your insights, talents and involvement.

On a personal note, March marks my 2nd Anniversary as a New Mexican, and living here has taught me about the importance of community, culture and identity. I feel fortunate to be a part of this community, which has welcomed me with open arms. I hope each time you engage with our ICF New Mexico chapter, you too feel welcomed and that magical sense of belonging.


Deborah Thompson, PCC


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