Welcome to ICF New Mexico, a chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Our vision is to be the professional organization of choice for New Mexico coaches who desire a dynamic community to grow, learn, support and develop trusting relationships. Since joining ICF New Mexico, I’ve found my people: talented, dynamic coaches who are eager to advance the profession and create a community of peers.

During 2022 we’ll be focusing on increasing participation across the chapter, strengthening relationships among members, developing our board, and serving more coaches.

Some ways we’ll bring this to life include:

  • Providing a robust diverse series of programs and facilitating discussions to the end business building and some coach education programs to allow deeper exploration with each other.
  • Expanding volunteer opportunities and perks.
  • Adding more blog posts on our website to increase visibility, inspiration, and education for members and associates articles. Learn more about submitting a post.

We believe our greatest achievements will come by enabling our members to bring their passions and visions to life.