Blog Submission

ICF New Mexico is offering a new feature:
Submission of blog posts from our members and associates in order to support raising their visibility. If you have an upcoming book, program or want to demonstrate your expertise in an area, this is the spot!

Watch the video below for information on submitting a blog:

ICF New Mexico blog

We want to highlight your knowledge and create the ICF New Mexico blog as a resource for the coaching industry. The blog content should create value for readers. Any information about events, book releases, etc. that you want to highlight should be included in your short bio, which can include a link to a web page. The Blog, Blog Summary and Short Bio should be submitted as a Word Document so you can upload it and make sure all of your formatting is as you want it to appear on the website.

Blogs can be about your own business, something pertinent to coaching in general, or about ICF New Mexico.

Provide keywords and an image for the blog. Please limit images to those that ICF New Mexico can use without infringing on copyright laws or paying royalty fees. Many free images are available through Pixabay and other sites.

After completing the form below, our Communications Committee will review each submission to help ensure the guidelines have been met. A confirmation email will be sent notifying you if your blog has been approved for posting on the ICF New Mexico site, and the date that it will be posted. Sharing the link to the blog on your social media sites, newsletters, etc., will help raise your SEO and expand the opportunity for people to comment and like it!

Fill out my online form.