ICF New Mexico Committees

ICF New Mexico relies on volunteers to support our ongoing programming. We welcome the opportunity to engage additional members in the following committees.

Professional Development Committee

Develops and institutes a robust calendar of virtual and in-person opportunities for personal and professional development for members.

Linley Daly, Chair
Amy Rome
Steve Aidikonis
Ilean Galloway
Michel Nelson
Stefany Burrows
Gretchen Griffin

Membership Committee

The Membership Team is charged with fostering a sense of community, connection and engagement among ICF New Mexico Members and Associates. Our volunteers organize member socials throughout the state, welcome and engage with new members, and are available to support members with questions related to credentialing, membership renewals, benefits and other needs.

Deborah Thompson, Chair (Albuquerque)
Lisa Brewer (Santa Fe)
Sandra Engel (Albuquerque)
Jodi Hummer (Santa Fe)
Sonja Harris (Albuquerque)
Deborah Pettry (Albuquerque)
Scott Plate (Silver City)