Why Volunteer with ICF New Mexico?

Volunteering with ICFNM is a great way to learn, grow, and develop close relationships with other coaches who are dedicated to advancing the profession and supporting each other.

Volunteering provides an opportunity to build your skills:
facilitation, networking, communication, leadership, and more!

Volunteering raises your visibility which provides more opportunities
for collaboration and for strengthening your personal brand.

Volunteering helps ICFNM to grow and to provide
additional resources to you and other coaches.
Without volunteers we wouldn’t exist!

Links to Role Descriptions

President Treasurer Programs Chair
President Elect Secretary Membership Chair
Past President Board Member at Large Communications Chair

Time Commitment
You can help as little as little or as much as you have capacity for.

2 Hours a Year: Host a Program
2 Hours a Quarter: Join the Membership or Communications Committee or a Programs Subcommittee
2 Hours a Month: Join the Programs Committee or be a Board Member at Large
3-4 Hours a Month: Chair Communications or Membership committee, Secretary, Treasurer
4-8 Hours a Month: President
6-20 Hours a Month: Programs Chair

Want to learn more? Contact one of our Board Members!

President, Lisa Brewer, lisa@lisabrewercoaching.com, 224-388-1090
President Elect, Shelley Lanier, shelley@sjlanier.com, 505-459-2348
Past President, Grace Solis, grace@keystoneinc.net, 505-797-8881
Treasurer, Doug Mills, drwdmills@gmail.com, 505-359-0052
Secretary, Linley Daly, linley@dalyconsulting.org
Programs Chair, Shelley Lanier, shelley@sjlanier.com, 505-459-2348
Membership Chair, Karen Boise, karen@compellingexploration.com, 505-288-0714