Emilah Dawn DeToro, M.ED., PCC

Emilah Dawn DeToro, M.ED., PCC
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Dragonfly Coaching & Consulting, LLC
Santa Fe, NM
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I coach, teach and empower people to engage their intuition, put themselves at the center of their lives, and trust themselves.
Business Description

Feeling stuck in any of these areas?
Relationships • Career • Health • Spirituality

You’re not sure what or how, but something has to change. This is a turning point. You can face it and move into your next great unfolding. Or not.

I’m passionate about helping people live in greater alignment with their soul’s calling—another phrase for one’s knowing or intuition.

Whatever you DO in the world, following your intuition and trusting what you know (how you choose to BE in the world) are the keys to navigating the challenges that arise in all areas of life.

Intuitive Life Coaching supports you in getting unstuck—clearing out beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve, finding clarity about what does, and taking small steps to get big results.

This is Transformation with a capital T.

Through our work together, you’ll learn to engage your intuition and your intellect as a team in order to free yourself to live in greater alignment with your soul’s calling. This is true leadership and can be applied to all areas of your life—relationships, career, health and spirituality.

In sessions, we integrate coaching, intuitive development practices, and energy healing modalities. We also work with engaging the intellect in service to the heart and in partnership with intuition. Working with the body, mind and spirit in this way helps you step into the flow of life, move through the inevitable transition, and birth your authentic self.

At its core, coaching is about change – noticing what needs to change, navigating change and integrating change. As an International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach (PCC), I’m trained to help you identify and release what’s keeping you stuck, move through transition, and step into your new life. As a higher education administrator, a natural-born empath, and a mid-life awakened intuitive, I’ve lived change. I can walk beside you, ask the empowering questions, and serve as a guide and companion as you navigate all of it—uncertainty, clarity, anxiety and success.

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(505) 604-3716

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